Best Eyelash Extension Tweezers

With so many tweezers brands available on the market today, it would be difficult to know which one will work best for you without posing any risk to you or to your clients.

The following is a list of the different types of tweezers available in the market today which will help you to make a more informed choice when looking for the best tweezers for your spa:

  • Straight tweezers: These tweezers are the best for that aesthetician who is just starting off in her lash extension career said by: It is easy to use them when picking the lashes and they are available in either a fine tip or a medium tip.

The choice of the tip will depend on the lash sizes, the style of application and the material that have been used in making the lashes.

  • Curved tweezers: the tweezers are quite convenient when you want to isolate individual lashes as they will easily separate and pick the lashes that are required for each application.

Curved tweezers are available in different curves and are different in width and the tip as well.

  • Beak nose tweezers: The curve is more pronounced in this type of tweezers which makes it very easy to use when isolating the lashes.

They are mostly used when working on Russian volume lashes which has numerous lashes which will be quite difficult to separate.

  • X type tweezers: these tweezers are loaded with springs and work differently from other tweezers. They will pick a lash extension and hold it in place until you are ready to release it.

Though these will be difficult to use, they are a preferred choice for many who enjoy the convenience of being able to hold a lash extension in place until it is securely in place.

  • Precision fan tweezers: These types of tweezers will connect firmly at the head and will firmly grip the lash extension without putting too much pre3ssure.

Due to their ease of use they can be used by both those who are starting off their lash extension career and those that are more advanced in the art.

As a lash extension specialist, you should be able to work with different types of tweezers so that you will be able to change according to what the customer wants. You should not be so used to one type of tweezers such that if it breaks down or is misplaced, you will postpone the lash application until you find it.

You should, however, not be limited to what others say is the best for them. To another person, curved tweezers will do the trick but if you will be able to work exceptionally with straight tweezers, you should stick to it even as you learn to get used to the other types of tweezers.

You should consider the material that is used in making the tweezers before buying and ensure that it will be easy to clean after every application. You would not want to buy tweezers that will be hard to clean as this will lead to the spread of bacteria from one client to the other which will not be good for your lash extension spa.