Procedure of a Laser Hair Removal Session

The procedure of a Laser Hair Removal Session


If you have never gone through a laser hair removal treatment before, you may be wondering how the procedure will be carried out. Before the actual hair removal, the aesthetician should have conducted a test patch to determine if the procedure will be safe and if it is, you will be booked for the actual laser hair removal treatment on a date that is convenient to you. To help you get over the anxiety, below is what you should expect when you go to a spa for a laser hair removal treatment:

  • The esthetician will check your medical history to ensure that you are not suffering from any condition that may hinder interfere with the process.
  • You will be prepared for the treatment; this will involve the application of a numbing gel especially if your skin is sensitive and removal of any make-up in the area being treated. If your skin is not sensitive, application of a numbing cream may not be necessary as the process is not as painful as the wax hair removal treatment.
  • The aesthetician will take the before photo before beginning any treatment. The photos should be taken with respect to the client’s privacy and if he does not want to have his face shown in the photo, it should be respected.
  • If the hair is too long, it will be trimmed to the length that will be easily removed by the laser.
  • You will be issued with protective gears like an eyewear so that your eyes will not be exposed to the radiation from the laser.
  • The aesthetician will not deliver the laser radiations to the area that is being worked on according to what you had agreed.
  • After the laser treatment, the aesthetician will clean the treated area and conduct a soothing treatment.
  • An after photo will be taken t show the progress of the entire process.
  • The aesthetician will then put down the records and help you to determine when the next appointment will be.

After the treatment, you may notice a reddening and slight swelling of the skin that may linger for a few days in the treated area which should subside after a few days. The aesthetician will inform you of the best aftercare procedure that you should follow after the treatment so that the skin will get back to normal.

You should avoid exposure to the sun after the laser hair removal treatment as the chances of suffering from sunburns are very high due to the sensitive nature of the skin. If you must, use protective clothing and apply a sunscreen to protect the skin from direct radiation.

If you notice any side effects that will not go away after a few days but are getting worse, seek medical help. There are people who may experience severe hyperpigmentation after the laser treatment and this will require medical help. If you get burnt, get help too if the wound seems to be developing an infection.

You should ensure that you attend all your sessions if you wish to see great results. Failure to do so may not get any results as the hair will still grow back after a while.